How To Prevent Your Hair From Stunted Growth With Chop Chop, To Being Luscious Black And Lovely Within Just 7 Days

So many times, when I see people with black, healthy, luscious, full, and lovely hair here in Abuja, I always asked them how they were able to prevent their hair from stunted growth.

And I noticed that each and everyone one of them had one thing in common.

This was something I knew about but I took highly for granted. And coming to think of it now, I don’t know why I even took it for granted self.

Each and every one of them steamed their hair every month.

That’s right.

And not just normal steaming where you go to the salon and they use whatever they like to steam your hair oh.

They had their own concoction which they used to do their steaming.

So after much research, I came up with my own concoction which is just simply natural products that people over look because they would rather go for foreign products.Hair Mayonnaise

So my concoction for steaming my hair is basically;

* Hair mayonnaise – this makes your hair healthy just like what breast milk does for a baby

* Palm kernel oil – this helps to stop your hair from breaking anyhow

* Shea butter – this moisturises your hair so that it won’t be dry

* Neem oil – this grows your hair from the roots

* Honey – this nourishes your hairNeem Hair Oil

You can see how simple my concoction is right, but it works wella.

All I have to do is to mix all of them together and use it as a mixture to steam my hair monthly.

But that’s not where it ends oh.

Apart from steaming once a month, you have to also have a daily routine for your hair.pure shea butterI have a simple formula for my daily routine, using the very natural concoction below;

* Olive oil – this makes your hair very black and long

* Castor oil – this makes your hair thick

* Coconut oil – this prevents dandruff

* Shea oil – it’s the pure oil from shea butter and it moisturises your hair

* Neem hair cream – this grows your hair from the roots if you have chop chop lolzneem hair creamSo that’s it.

I mix these into a paste and use it daily on my hair.

I just started steaming my hair, and I intend to do so, once every month, and I also cream my hair daily, using the simple natural product formulas I outlined above.

After I steamed my hair with my first formula, and then started creaming my hair with my second formula, I noticed a drastic improvement within just 7 days.

I dint know life could be so easy like that oh, but it is, and this technique prevents the hair from stunted growthpure coconut oil

I hope you’ve gained value? Do you have any additional hair growth techniques that you are currently using that wasn’t mentioned, and would like us to know about? Do leave a comment below.

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~Remain SmashGlam!

Written By:- Ezinne Ofoma

(Director, ZeeZee Designs & Concepts)

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