I created an Outing Makeup Look and I’ld be teaching you step by step how to create this look (this is going to be very interesting and interactive so don’t miss out on it)

I’ve uploaded some Images (just the basic things I feel will be needed for this tutorial) namely;
1.            Tools Used (Labelled 1 – 8)
2.            Work In Progress (Labelled A – H)
3.            Finished Work
I numbered the images for easy identification and clarity, and so that you can be able to flow and go along with me with ease. The products in this tutorial are just basic products I used to create the look, other products such as foundation, powder, blush, can be any of your choice
Are we ready….so let’s start
I always start my makeup with my eyebrows (doesn’t mean you can’t start with your foundation, just do what works for you aite…cool)
– I used an Eyebrow definer (Labelled 1) to fill in my eye-brows and defined / made it look sharper with a Concealer (Labelled 2). You can view the outcome in the Work In Progress image (Labelled A). Now that the brows are done we move on to the eyes.
– After defining my eyebrows, I applied concealer (Labelled 2) on my entire eyelid (this acts as a base)
– I applied a Whitish Eyeshadow (Labelled 3)  to the outer 1/4  corner of my eyes (Labelled C) and extended it a little under my eyes to form what is called a tear drop (that one na just makeup slang lol).
– Then immediately after the Whitish eyeshadow, I applied a Pink eyeshadow (Labelled 4) to the the remaining ¾ of my eyelid (Labelled D).
– At the edge of my eyes Labelled E (that is the outer corner of the eyes), I applied a black eyeshadow (Labelled 5) to give my eyes some depth and then I blended it a little into the crease of my eyes. The crease of my eyes is Labelled B in the Work in Progress image.
– I then highlighted my brow-bone Labelled F using a Creamish eyeshadow Labelled 6
– After that I contoured my eyes which simply means that I appied a brown eyeshadow Labelled 7 to the crease of my eyes Labelled B. I made sure to blend the brown eyeshadow properly (blending is very key in makeup)
– I lined my eyes (up and down) with a black eyeliner and used a black mascara on my lashes to finish off
– I used a hot pink lipstick Labelled 8 on my lips, and lined my lips with a dark pink lip pencil for definition. You can view the outcome in the Work In Progress image (Labelled G).
– After that I applied foundation on my entire face, and applied some concealer Labelled 2 under my eyes Labelled H to give my eyes a lift.
– I applied Blush, and set my entire look with a brown powder
C’est finis (It is finished lol). We have the completed look in the Finished Look Image. Did this tutorial help? Can you create this same look and post it here? Do you have any questions? #diadem


Source: Zeezee Designs Concepts BlogSpot

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