As a Professional Makeup Artist, everyone just keeps asking me about my blog, so I decided to create one yesterday…..and Viola… it is !!!

So for my very 1st post I’m going to be showing you how to define the eyebrows. A lot of ladies usually have difficulties getting the perfect eyebrows. And once you can get your brows on fleek, you don’t really need to do any extra makeup on the face cos the brows basically gives the face a nice definition.

To create the best shape, its best to use a brow definer or a brow powder cos its matte & dries up quickly so it tends to last much longer.

What You Need :

1. Mascara wand (spoolie)
2. Brow definer brush (little brush) 
3. Brow definer 
4. Angle brush/Flat brush 
5. Concealer 

(Picture of what you need has been provided below and equally numbered for easy identification)

Tools & Products Needed

How to Apply :
(Compare with the image below for each step)

STEP 1: Start by using the mini spoolie brush (or the comb looking brush) to remove any excess foundation or powder from the brows and brush them neatly in place.

STEP 2: Outline your brows by dipping the tip of the little brow definer brush in the brow definer (the brow definer brush is actually really little and its found inside the brow definer, lolz).

STEP 3: Use the tip of the little brow definer brush and fill in your brows (the dark brown shade of brow definer goes with dark/black brows, while the light brown shade of brow definer goes with light brown brows, you can also mix the two shades for brows that are in between).

STEP 4: Make sure the brow definer is consistent with the shade of your brows, so that there wont be any demarcation (cos really you wont want your brows looking lighter or darker than the brow definer, you’ld want it all blended in, right !).

STEP 5: Using the tip of your angle brush on the concealer, make your brows to pop and stand out more, by gently highlighting the top and bottom of your brows following the shape of your brows you just defined (Refer to pix below for better understanding, yea !).

STEP 6: You wont want your brows looking all white, so you’ld have to blend the concealer into your skin still using the angle brush (you blend the highlighted bottom part downwards into your skin and the top part upwards into your skin). Then use your mascara wand (spoolie) to blend it all in and to remove excesses.

And Viola…..your brow is highlighted, defined, and stands out better than you met it, lolz!

Was this tutorial helpful, leave a comment, or ask questions, if you’re lost somewhere, somehow ~ bringing out the goodness in you!

Step By Step On How To Define The Eyebrows

Source: Zeezee Designs Concepts BlogSpot

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