You need to read this makeup hacks, so that you can stop wasting your money unnecessarily this 2018.

Are you one of those people that just keeps throwing away your current makeups and buying new makeups, not because it has expired, but because you are unaware of the little hacks that you can use to make your current makeups to last longer?

If your makeup has expired, please oh throw it away immediately, if not…

Then I have 12 very easy and quick makeup hacks, that can help you save your money from spending unnecessarily, and also help you to improve your daily makeup.

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They are hacks that I use, and they are really amazing because of their simplicity, so here they are:-

1.  Felt-Tip Eyeliner:- You all know that felt-tip eyeliners dry up easily. So instead of just throwing it away and getting a new one every single time, just put the bottom of the felt-tip eyeliner in warm water and shake it a bit, while its still in the warm water. And by the next time you want to use it, you can be able to line your eyes beautifully.

2. Mascara:- If your mascara is dried up, and no longer giving you your desired result, add a drop or two of visine eye drop, shake it very well, and you are good to go.

3. Concealer:- If your concealer is too soft, you know that kind of soft that is making your concealer to mess up everywhere you keep it, that shouldn’t make you throw away the concealer. What you need to do is to put your concealer in your freezer for a couple of hours. Yes oh, your freezer. It will make the concealer to be stronger or harder, and you’ld be able to use it well without it smearing all over.

Makeup Hacks

4. Eye pencil:- One of the reasons why people use eyebrow filler is because eye pencil is oily while eyebrow filler is matte or dried in nature and therefore tends to last longer. If you want your eye pencil to be dry and stop being oily, then place your eye pencil inside your fridge over night, by morning, when you use it, you will see it has become dried and it’s no longer oily.

5. Gel Eye liner:- Due to fan and natural air, your gel eye liner can get dried out. What most people tell me is that they just throw it away and get another one. Don’t do that again. Gel liners last a pretty long time, so if you keep throwing them away, then you are wasting money unnecessarily. Just add a little coconut oil or shea oil or olive oil into the gel eye liner and you will see it come back to life instantly.

6. Lipstick:- You may be wondering why your lipstick doesn’t come out smoothly when you apply it. Well, the fault doesn’t necessarily come from the lipstick, but rather from your lips, your lips are not smooth but are scaly. Whenever you brush your teeth, also brush your lips with your toothbrush to remove the dry scales on it, and watch your lipstick glide smoothly on your lips, when next you’re applying it.

Makeup Hacks

7. Eye primer:- If your eye primer is too dried out or feeling hard, don’t throw it away. Instead, just place it directly under the sun for a couple of hours, and it would get softened and become easy to apply on your eyelid before applying your eyeshadow.

8. Makeup Brushes:- Sometimes you may notice that the handle of your makeup brushes are pulling off and you are clueless on what to do. Simply pour some super glue into the removed handle to stick and glue it back forever.

9. Eyeshadow:- If you are not a very careful person, you may find your eyeshadow pallette falling from your hand and breaking. It may even be your favorite eyeshadow that gets to break. Rather than getting pissed, and thinking of how you can get a new eyeshadow pallette, use your setting spray to spray on the bit that got broken, then fix it back to where it broke out from. It will remain glued and won’t affect the eyeshadow color at all.Avon True Color Eye Primer

10. Lipstain:- Are you one of those people that don’t like using lipstain, just because you feel it makes your lips too dried out. Before you apply the lipstain, use a lip balm or shea oil  or coconut oil on your lips first to moisten your lips, make it more hydrated and less dry.

11. Foundation:- Your foundation may be too thick, which causes it to finish quickly, so you find yourself buying or changing foundations every time. Put a little foundation at the back of your palms, add a drop or two drops of coconut oil to it, mix it well and apply evenly all over your face. This will make your foundation not finish quickly, and also make your foundation last all day on your face without shifting.

12. Eyelashes:- If you don’t have time to fix your eyelashes all the time, use white powder on your eyelashes very well before applying your mascara. This will make your natural eyelashes to be very long and look like you actually fixed them. Revlon color stay foundation

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Were these makeup hacks helpful? Do you have any additional hacks, that you are currently using that wasn’t mentioned, and would like us to know about? Do leave a comment below.

Do you have any specific makeup challenges you would love me to talk or teach about? Also leave a comment on it.

And I’ld respond to it asap.

~Remain SmashGlam~

Written By:- Ezinne Ofoma

(Director, ZeeZee Designs & Concepts)

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